St Nicholas’ Lutheran Church in Viru-Nigula

Dear Fellow Wayfarers,

An encounter with the sacred can reveal the eternal dimension of everyday life, argues philosopher Mircea Eliade. The experience of the sacred and sacredness is not readily available. It is difficult to explain. However, it does exist. For instance, when we enter a sacred space it is almost like we step into a different spacetime. The eternal towers over time, and over the human - the Divine.

The spacetime of the Wayfarers' Churches can expand our world of experiences that transcend time and space. This reference brochure is your guide to many diverse churches all over Estonia. But the sacredness remains the same, despite the differences between churches. The doors of Christian churches open on hinges. All are welcome, be they locals or foreigners, believers or unbelievers.

It is worth taking the time to stop at an unknown or even a familiar church. We often see the exterior. Seeing what is inside requires deeper observation. We can notice this by falling silent inside. This helps us to comprehend our own depths. And when we raise our eyes we may catch a glimpse of the hidden reality above and around us. That who is. The sacred. The old churches are an embodiment of a prayer for the sacred that transcends time. Is it a silent witness of our own ultimate longing? Churches are carpeted with prayers, observes writer Fanny de Sivers.

Meego Remmel
Vice-President of the Estonian Council of Churches