Väike-Kolkja Old Believers’ Church

Alatskivi Lutheran Church
Elva Lutheran Church
Kambja Lutheran Church
Mehikoorma Lutheran Church
St Lawrence’s Lutheran Church in Nõo
Puhja Lutheran Church
St Martin’s Church of the EELC in Rannu
St Michael’s Lutheran Church in Rõngu
St Bridget’s Lutheran Church in Vara
St James’ Lutheran Church in Võnnu
Orthodox Church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord in Mehikoorma
Orthodox Church of Holy Trinity in Nõo
St Prince Alexander Nevsky´s Orthodox Church in Välgi
Elva Baptist Church
Elva Adventist Church
Orthodox Church of the Protection of the Mother of God in Nina
Old Believers’ Church in Kallaste
Old Believers’ Church in Kasepää
Suur-Kolkja Old Believers’ Church
Old Believers’ Church in Varnja
Väike-Kolkja Old Believers’ Church