teenistus / missa / liturgia / palvus
twice a month

St Alexander´s Lutheran Church in Aegviidu

  Mäe 2, Aegviidu, Anija vald, Harjumaa   
  phone: +372 5564 2363, +372 5647 1859
  e-mail: aegviidu@eelk.ee

  Contact: +372 5564 2363, +372 5647 1859

Built: 1895

The historicist round log building was built as an auxiliary church of Ambla by Friedrich von Hoyningen-Huene, owner of Lehtse Manor; the tower was added in 1940. The church was damaged during the bombing of the Aegviidu railway station in March 1944 and its design was significantly altered during reconstruction. The current interior design was created in the 1970s (by Ilo Aurik).