teenistus / missa / liturgia / palvus
twice a month

St Olaf’s Lutheran Church in Vormsi

  Hullo küla, Vormsi vald, Läänemaa   , +372 518 7957
  e-mail: vormsi@eelk.ee

  Contact: +372 5342 1992, +372 518 7957

Built: XIII, 1632

Restored medieval ceiling paintings are displayed in the choir of the church, which was rebuilt from the ruins and reconsecrated in 1990. The pulpit is the handiwork of Swede Johannes Hammermann from Vormsi Island and is a copy of the Baroque pulpit (Berent Martens, 1660) taken to Sweden in 1944. The island has a unique graveyard with wheel crosses.

St Olaf’s Lutheran Church in Nõva