St Bartholomewā€™s Lutheran Church in Palamuse

Avinurme Lutheran Church
JƵgeva Lutheran Church
St Mary the Virgin and St ElizabethĀ“s Lutheran Church in Kursi
St GeorgeĀ“s Lutheran Church in Laiuse
Mustvee Lutheran Church
St BartholomewĀ“s Lutheran Church in Palamuse
St Nicholas’ Lutheran Church in PƵltsamaa
Lutheran Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Torma
Orthodox Church of the St Euthymius of Suzdal and St Mary of Egypt in Kaarepere
Orthodox Church of Holy Trinity in Mustvee
Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit in PƵltsamaa
JƵgeva Baptist Church
Bethany Baptist Church in Mustvee
Sadala Baptist Church
Christian Jordan Pentecostal Church in PƵltsamaa
JƵgeva Adventist Church
PƵltsamaa Adventist Church
Orthodox Church of St Nicholas in Mustvee
Old Believers’ Church in KĆ¼kita
Old Believers’ Church in Mustvee
Old Believers’ Church in Raja