Helme Lutheran Church

Hargla Lutheran Church
Helme Lutheran Prayer House
Karula Lutheran Church
St LawrenceĀ“s Lutheran Church in Laatre
St Mary’s Lutheran Church in OtepƤƤ
Riidaja Chapel
St AndrewĀ“s Lutheran Church in Sangaste
Taagepera St JohnĀ“s Lutheran Church in Ala
Chamber Hall and former Church in TƵrva
St John’s Lutheran Church in Valga
Orthodox Church of Theophany in IlmjƤrve
Protection of God Orthodox Church in Karula
Orthodox Church of St Vassily the Great in Priipalu
St IsidoreĀ“s Orthodox Church in Valga
Evangelical Free Church ,,Pilgrim" in OtepƤƤ
Puka Baptist Church
Emmanuel Baptist Church in TƵrva
Bethany Baptist Church in Valga
Lootuse Baptist Church in Valga
Bethel Baptist Church in Valga
Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit in Valga
Valga Pentecostal Church
Valga Adventist Church
Orthodox Church of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God in Valga