Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit in Orissaare
Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity in Jämaja
Salme Lutheran Church-house
St Anne’s Lutheran Church in Mustjala
St Catherine’s Lutheran Church in Karja
St Catherine’s Lutheran Church in Muhu
St James’ Lutheran Church in Püha
St John’s Lutheran Church in Orissaare
St Lawrence’s Lutheran Church in Kuressaare
St Martin’s Lutheran Church in Valjala
St Mary Magdalene’s Lutheran Church in Kärla
St Mary’s Lutheran Church in Pöide
St Michael’s Lutheran Church in Kihelkonna
St Peter’s and St Paul’s Lutheran Church in Kaarma
Tiirimetsa Lutheran Chapel
Orthodox Church of Archangel Michael in Piila
Orthodox Church of St Alexander Nevsky in Levala
Orthodox Church of St Andrew the Apostle in Reomäe
Orthodox Church of St Innokenti in Pärsama
Orthodox Church of St Nikolay in Kuressaare
Orthodox Church of St Olga in Leisi
Orthodox Church of St Vassily the Great in Laimjala
Orthodox Church of Sts Peter and Paul in Muhu-Hellamaa
Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity in Ööriku
Orthodox Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in Muhu-Rinsi
Orthodox Church of the Presentation of the Lord into the Temple in Metsküla
Orthodox Church of the Protection of the Virgin Mary in Tornimäe
Orthodox Church of the Transformation of the Lord in Lümanda
Orthodox Monastery of the Holy Forerunner in Reomäe
Prophet Elijah’s Orthodox Church in Mustjala
Eikla Baptist Church
Leisi Baptist Church
Meiuste Baptist Church
Pahapilli Baptist Church
Rahu Baptist Church in Valjala
Zion Baptist Church in Kuressaare
Kuressaare Methodist Church
Reeküla Methodist Church
Nelikaare Pentecostal Church in Kuressaare
Orissaare Pentecostal Church
Kuressaare Adventist Church