Wayfarers’ Churches

Wayfarers’ Churches introduces, both to the domestic traveller and the foreign tourist, the sacred, picturesque and, in many respects, unique buildings belonging to different denominations of Estonia that are open in the summer season: churches, chapels, prayerhouses and monasteries.

One should not be afraid of stepping into sanctuaries – they are open to all sightseers!

This publication presents information, in Estonian and English, on more than 400 sanctuaries in Estonia. It also includes contact data on the sanctuaries for those wishing to prearrange their visit, as well as the schedules of worship services and prayer meetings.

Little is known that accommodation facilities are available by many churches, which are not only for church-related people but also for any weary wayfarer in search of an overnight stay. The publication includes information on sanctuaries with accommodation.

In addition, Wayfarers’ Churches has web versions in seven languages at www.teelistekirikud.ekn.ee, which feature more visual materials compared to the printed version.

Wayfarers’ Churches are awaiting all those interested – whether seekers of sanctity, enthusiasts of history or culture, or just wayfarers who chance upon a church en route!

Marko Kaldur

Project Manager, Wayfarers’ Churches