Life is a journey

Life is a journey. It is a journey with a goal to become who God, the Creator of life, intended us to be. Any journey, if it is long enough, brings out in people their true nature. We get to know who we are and who our companions on this road are.

There are many stories of being on the road in the Bible. Since the people of Israel have had to travel a lot during their history, they were constantly on the road. It wasn’t always a happy journey. It was often quite complicated. But God was always with them. Whether they realized it or not, God was there, on the journey, directing it and leading the people.

Your life is also a journey. The Bible tells us that God is with each person on their journey of life. He has a plan for each of us with this journey. The Psalms in the Bible talk about God shaping our path before we are even born. For God, every journey begins already before we, as the ones on the road even realize it.

This God, the Creator of life, can be found everywhere. He is the Creator of the whole world and the Bible says that God does not live in a house or a building. Yet we have been given the church buildings. There are many of them in Estonia. Buildings dedicated to God and His service. These are places where people are always welcome to take time off, think, experience. To experience something/Someone greater than themselves. The one who is waiting to meet us and is actually imperceptibly accompanying us on our life’s journey even if we don’t realize it ourselves.

Meetings, as a rule, change us. They give something new. The opportunity to meet the Creator of all life could be something really exciting and unexpected, perhaps the meeting that changes us the most. God is waiting for this opportunity to meet you on your life’s path that He has created. I hope that this program will be one of that makes it possible to take part of this meeting and that this brochure will be a good guide to unexpected and wonderful meetings, where you will learn something new about yourself and God, the Creator of life, and about the story of this Creator with both Estonia and you yourself. Churches are a great place for such a meeting, and you are welcome there. We are open for You!

Vilver Oras

Executive Secretary of the Estonian Council of Churches

AD 2023

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